Monday, December 13, 2010

If you want a victory, there must be a battle.

 I am listening to Beth Moore's series on Esther again and am blown away. I love the characters in that book. I want my book to be like that. A book that seems to start off as a tragedy but ends in a few characters walking out their undeserved destiny by the grace of GOD. A crazy story of faith and good food and a good man and trust and really cute kids.  I would love to sit with you and talk to you about story and life and God and pain and power and grace and about how the LORD comes through. I love the faithfulness of GOD. He really does come through. There is something though, that must happen on our end before God can come through. We have to do our part. It can be painful and it probably will be. Things may seem completely wrong. The tables can be turned against you; the odds not in you favor.....
But God knew this. He knows and HE is waiting for you and I to do our part. To walk out the pages before the victory. We desperately want the victory, but in order for there to be one, there must be a battle. The WORD of GOD says in Isaiah chapter 54 that "no weapon formed against you shall prosper". I love that. This means, however, that there will be a weapon formed against you and I. We should not be shocked when this happens. When opposition won't prosper. I am resting in this tonight. So thankful for the previous chapters and how they have been wonderfully  PAINFULLY!!! written by the LORD.

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  1. I am so inspired! This is a wonderful post. I had never heard of Beth Moore's series. I have only read the book in the Bible, and that alone is major inspiration!

    Opposition will not and cannot prosper ... EVER!

    I also like the image you used with this post!


    Best wishes,