Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Bags are packed!

I have a home. I am moving tomorrow. 
I will be in the exact neighborhood that I have been praying & wanting to live in. 
It is a better situation than I could have planned. 
I have trips planned every month till the end of the year. 
I am getting licensed to do hair! 
My daughter will start school next week and I will be 29 next month. 

And I remember what the Lord has allowed in my life in order to get me to this place. 
Not at all thinking that life will never again be as hard as it was, but, knowing that 
when I go through another battle, the Lord is faithful.
He provides. 
 He is gracious.
He loves with an ardent love.
 He is up to so much good.
He allows crazy things in our lives for the story that He is writing.
He is a master storyteller and a much better writer than I will ever be.

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1 comment:

  1. Woo hoo for you!! God is so awesome!! I am really happy for you and look forward to all the cool things that are unfolding in your life. I want to hear all about the hair venture?? You have so much that you can do, i.e. fashion, hair!! Go girl!!