Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Great day. I mean, today was a great day. It was a really busy day full of traffic and friends and an interview and Chipotle and crab rangoon. Chipotle definitely gets capitalized. crab rangoon...not so much.
I think I drank way too much coffee today. A great friend from the wonderful state of Iowa sent me a lb of coffee beans yesterday from the coffee shop she works at. The beans are perfect. Thank you Dana!!
too much coffee today.
Speaking of coffee, why do people look at me funny when I order my drink at Starbucks? What do they think I am going to order..I smile a bit inside. I get a tall Americano in a grande cup. Now, I do use a lot of half and half but not THAT much. I like the room at the top because I like to drink my coffee without a lid. I don't want it filled to the top while I am in my car. Plus....half the time those dang Starbucks employee's don't listen as the "Tall Americano in a Grande Cup" is called and they fill it up anyways...makes me shake my head......AND...while we are on Starbucks.....Do the Americanos not come double cupped anymore?? Please do answer if you work at Starbucks or know the protocol for that. When I used to work there, we double cupped the Americano. I like the double cup. Just saying...
too much coffee today
I can't sleep. I know its only 1am now but I am like WIDE AWAKE!!!!
This is never good for me at this such hour. My mind goes and goes and goes.....
Hmph...I want to keep this post light. Not get into TOO much crazy deep stuff of the heart. Keep it light. Write about your interview at Anthropologie today or something....Or how you looked EVERyWHERE today for a black head scarf and couldn't find one....
Do you know what I think is gross? Biting fingernails....SICK!! Who does that? It's just disgusting. That is why I bite my cuticles. Now THAT is good stuff right there.
I really feel like the year 2012 is going to be my year. That is the year I turn 30. I have wanted to be 30 for quite some time now. I think that number is just perfect. I am excited for where the story will be when I am 30.
You want to know what will always make me happy? I am going to tell you anyways
-a clean house
-gerber daiseys
-french pressed coffee
-jazz playing in the background
-full tank of gas in my car
I once ate a skittle that I found in the back of someones old car. It was in that little pocket that is stuck to the back of the passenger seat. I don't know what that thing is called. But there was a skittle in it and I ate it.
I hate Kohls. I mean. I hate really bad. I don't support that place. AT ALL.
When I spent a summer in Cambodia, one of my most favorite things was doing Thai Chi with all the old people in front of the palace at 4:30. That was AWESOME. I also went to the Killing Fields in Cambodia. That was unreal. If you don't know anything about the Killing Fields then a quick google search will help you or there is a movie conveniently called, "The Killing Fields" that talks about Pol Pot and what happened in Kampuchea in the 70's. I took home a tooth that I found on the ground. Maybe that was prophetic.
I am really excited about something. I can't tell you though. Just know that I am excited....and....I can't sleep a lot because of the excitement.
And lastly, I am really thankful to all of the people in my life who have sent me gifts in the mail and emails and encouraging comments. I have been so overwhelmed by the responses that I have gotten because of this Beautiful Mess that I am in.  I thank the Lord that at least one life other than my own has been impacted by HIS POWER and FAITHFULNESS and GOODNESS and MERCY.
So..that is it. The blog for today. oh...Not yet..I went to Steinmart for the first time today looking for a black scarf. I got desperate that is why I went there. I hate that store too. Not as much as Kohls but pretty close.
Is it rude to ask someone if you can come to their wedding?? I think I am going to ask someone. I really want to go and they are going to have THE coolest wedding and I really like the bride. She is great. And I really want to steal all of her ideas for my wedding to come in the future. I think I will facebook her about it. I think she will let me come. I will let you know what she says and if she thinks that is rude. ....
.....K. I just sent her a facebook message.
I never want to live in India or Florida. They both sound really hot.
I wonder if the brown girls who like white boys are as obvious looking as white girls who like brown boys. hmmm. i re-read that sentence like 5 times. don't know if people will get it. It sounds right in my head. 
I have some friends. I have a couple that are dear friends and one that is dearest. This is the end of my randomness blog.


  1. I love americanos. And I bite my nails, it's a nervous habit, gross I know. I love your blogs. I wish I could blog, my life isn't very interesting though.

  2. i get it. coffee does this. you are precious.

  3. i know your secret...and why don't they just make the cups thicker?! what a waste...

    i had too much coffee last night.

    it was humid and yucky today...i hate that

  4. all my sentiments too! But I don't know about Steinmarts and I don't know if I would admit to eating someone else's skittle in their car, but I would eat a skittle I found in my car! :)Jvagrl
    And yes they should double cup your Americano and they probably think you wanted more water, so that is why you order a bigger cup.(Most Americano drinkers drink Americanos cuz they like COFFEE and the taste of coffee, so we don't always assume you would put cream and sugar etc...otherwise why wouldn't you just BUY A LATTE!~?!?) You want your problem solved and help the environment...bring your own tumbler (grande or vente) and order a tall Americano! You will get a discount TOO!