Friday, April 9, 2010

so much to say

trying to figure out how to best articulate all that i want to say. i think i will take the bullet point approach. there is just too much random stuff.

*today was just fabulous. chatted with new friends on my new computer :)
*I am so tired of going to year left-feel like forever
*My new church is AMAZING! I am blown away
*I am really excited about my new girlfriends 
*I am pumped out it being spring, although the weather has been crazy. Working out, smoothies, lunches, gardens, friends, trips?, games, windows open, sitting outside
*Learning how not to rush this season of my life. Im ready for my new life but we have a legal system that takes a while
*I have wonderful neighbors-they are from Nepal-we eat together, they watch Bailey, we talk about life
*Bailey is so beautiful. Her blue eyes, blonde hair, smile, hands, belly, teeth, cheeks. She is my doll
*I am on a Chipotle kick. I love Chipotle.
*God is so faithful. I am not just saying that in hopes for the future. I am saying that because of the past. What HE has already done. wow. blown away
*Dear new season of life, Bring it!
*I love the following artists: Jason Upton, Misty Edwards and Laura Hackett. They are rocking my world right now. Lots.
*I want to live in Anthropologie. My home will look like that.
*I am not excited for summer. I hate the heat. I sweat a lot. blah. Those who like summer, i have found, are those non sweaters.jerks.
*I want a clothes line in my backyard. I will use it.
*I don't like leather seats in a car
*I can't wait to be 30!! That is gonna be my best year. Me and my best gal are gonna go to Greece.
*I have so much on my bucket list. I want to cross off one thing a month (at least)
*I don't like lids on cups. I will take my mug everywhere-not a travel mug.speaking of mugs.....I collect them. I love them
*I like lots of cream in my coffee, white cake and vanilla ice cream....well, drumstick ice cream but you get the point.
*I want to go to Norway, Nepal and California...and Canada and Iceland
* I am confident and motivated with Jesus and a story. Sounds like a powerful combo
*I am a dental hygiene student. If I have seen you in person. I have noticed your teeth, classified you and have your treatment plan ready. Would you like a whiter, brighter smile? 
*I wake up happy
*I go to be excited
*I love the camera. I am a model. I have lots of photographers as friends. The camera and I are dear friends. That is my art. Its fun to actually be the art. A painting can't say that. 
*Brown is my favorite color. I am my favorite color
*I grew up in Kansas City. I love the midwest and am slowly liking the east coast. I am a midwest girl at heart though. (but..i do hate walmart)
the end.

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