Thursday, April 8, 2010

What do I look like?

I just love this look. I wonder what she does for a living. I bet she works in marketing or p.r. I bet she smokes Marlboro ultra lights, but only when she drinks...and she drinks red wine...and not the cheap stuff.  She is just dating and doesn't want kids because then she couldn't just go to Paris (p.s this pic is from The Sartorialist blog if you haven't checked it out. Its WONDERFUL). I bet she did her undergrad at UCLA. She has a younger sister. She watches Lost. She played tennis in college. She makes way too much money for what she really does and has really nice sheets on her bed. She is a vegetarian. She has never built anything or been to the midwest..wait..she went to Chicago to a baseball game with her x boyfriend. She doesn't believe in marriage because she was once engaged and got her heart broken. I would love to meet her. I wonder what people think about me without knowing a thing. I wonder what I "look" like.
P.S. I bought those shoes a few weeks ago!

1 comment:

  1. It's funny because we always find ourselves wanting what someone else has right? When I look at you I always think, "I wish I could look like that." When I look at you I think that you are a strong, beautiful woman on a mission. You are determined. You have it all together. The other funny thing is that no one, no matter what they look like, really has it all together. We are all such strange creatures.