Saturday, April 10, 2010

New People. New life.

This past week has been so exhausting yet so wonderful. I am loving my new church so much. I love that it is my "black sand beach". that was an inside joke. I have gotten to know three wonderful people from that beach this week. I am so happy. We have inside jokes, we laugh, we love Jesus. I know that two out of the three are reading this so and it may or may not be about you. that is an inside joke. I am thankful for you three. Thank you for reaching out..for sharing your story...for hearing mine...I am excited to do life with you..Excited to cross things off our bucket lists..that is an inside joke..and excited to go thru our late twenties together..that is an inside joke...i don't like when other people have inside jokes. I feel so left out.. the mystery of wondering what the heck people are talking about..wanting to have been there so i could be apart of the joke too. Be intentional, make time for one another, break bread together. the jokes will come. Who do we blog for? Is it just for me? No. I am hoping you will read this. I am hoping you will leave a comment. I am hoping something in each post will spark something in you. I am hoping you will hear my heart in a way that can only be shared via my blog.  I have a new book to read now. its called "a thousand years and a million miles". I will start it in the morning. I am now excited for my birthday! Remember-i don't like diet things or fru fru things. No fancy weed salads. White cake. I am pumped about Sunday dinners, going to Philly, wineries and dominating you with the ab wheel. You will get dominated fyi. more inside jokes. can't wait to learn more about the ck's out there. nite.

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