Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The most exciting word ever

I have a huge list of words that make me cringe whenever I hear them muttered..or just said normally. I loathe them less if they are muttered though. Some of those words include: 
liner, damper, jubilee, doily and soda. 
There are also a few phrases that pester me like “You just gotta make do” I can make a bed, espresso and lunch, but do? ick, and “You are gonna be fine”how do you know that?  
There are also words that make me smile: espresso, Sunday, thunderstorms, closet, Clorox and food.
Words are powerful. They can evoke emotion both positive and negative. They allow our minds to go to a certain place and to actually feel. That is cool. Well, tonight, I heard a word that got me so pumped up that I had to dedicate a blog post to it. I realized, when I heard this word, that I absolutely LOVE this word. I got so fired up in a good way. My heart started to beat a bit faster and I was ready to go do something awesome so I ate a cupcake, had a glass of wine and played 25 games of solitare on my phone..oh, and wrote this blog. Awesome.
The word is so cool. I don’t know why. Okay. I'll tell you the word - shrapnel. Yes. The word is shrapnel. It is even spelled cool. I know what you are thinking,…no I don’t. I love that word. It sounds exciting to me. If you add the word flying before it then it is even better. You can’t even begin to tell me that the words ‘flying shrapnel’ didn’t just incresase your heart rate. Exhilarating! I would never though, want the flying shrapnel to be something painful.  Just fun stuff  like little nerf footballs and cupcakes and a possible chapstick or wine cork. I feel empowered right now. I am going to go conquour something where is my iphone? Solitaire is about to get dominated.

What word(s) get you excited?  


  1. i love you.

    but seriously. i do.
    and those words get me pumped if the person saying them to me really means it!

    message me your address if you have a recent new one please--i have a little snail mail ready to be mailed your way, dear.

  2. Suzy- Love you to. Address is the same. Can't wait!!

  3. I love the words: wine, Jesus, and dessert! Words are powerful! Thank you for sharing Bre. I love your blog!

  4. I love the word Saturday. I don't believe I've ever said, "I'm dreading Saturday." Saturday is synonymous with hope...the hope of going somewhere or getting something done. There is always something to look forward to on games, estate sales, working in the yard, sleeping in. Can't wait 'til Saturday! Love you Bre!

  5. Bre! I stumbled upon this post...and I seriously laughed out loud. I remember high school softball days where you would list out all the words that you hated the sound of...the only one that comes to mind right now though is "moist". Just thought I'd send you a little reminder of the good old days :)