Wednesday, September 1, 2010


It's SEPTEMBER!!!!!!
Umm. August is gone. My heart is glad. When I woke up this morning, I smiled because I knew it was the first day of my favorite month. Why is it 94 degrees though??? I love the word September. I like to write it. I like to type it. Mmmm. Makes me happy. ANYWAYS.
I owe some serious vows to this month. So, here goes:

Vows to September:
Oh September, In your thirty days, I vow to:
-get up and get directly in the WORD. I vow to study Proverbs and ask daily for wisdom and fully seek it. 
-cook new things each week. Decrease my carb intake and eat more healthy than I have ever eaten. 
-Play outside with Bailey and take her on lots of picnics and to parks and take her to the city.
-Read a book a week which means I have 5 books to read
-Do killer workouts at least 3 times per week and do yoga at least 3 times per week
- Pay off a credit card
-Work really hard and make a ton of money
-Maybe get another tattoo for my birthday??? :) 
-Love people more
-Stay out of drama
-Write in my journal everyday
-Trust my GOD
-Go to Philly for cheesesteaks 
-Spend time on my business
-Hear a strangers story
-Get a Redskins shirt

I love this month. I hope you love it too.
Have a great first of September. Mwah!


  1. love it too, deary poo.

    when does sufjan play again? gosh, i'd love to go. and maybe sit next to YOU! :)

  2. Can I just borrow your vows for my own? :) Minus the Redskins shirt... And traveling to Philly. That will have to be the duty of my husband, as he gets to go to Primanti Bros. this month. With out me. Lucky Sod. Because, with those minor revisions, they feel like a perfect fit for where my life is at right now. Love them.