Tuesday, August 31, 2010

cracker jacks

This past week has been beautiful for my soul. Not easy. In fact, quite difficult but a necessary process as I walk out my story. This morning, as I was washing dishes, doing laundry, making cookies, taking sheets off my bed, cleaning Bailey's room, cleaning out the fridge, getting ready for work and folding clothes Yes. I was doing all of this at once,  it hit me.
The tears started flowing as I scooped the last 2 oatmeal cookies onto the cookie sheet. Bailey was in the other room pretending to attack the "Queen" with a princess ball. Then, as quickly as the tears started, the Lord, in His loving kindness met me with these words.
This is only a season & you must go thru this in order to get what I have for you. 
Oh sweet Jesus. How you meet me in my little storm. YOU don't pull me out but you smile upon me as I seek Your face.  YOU hold my hand. YOU let me cry on your shoulder. YOU look me in the eyes of my soul and and fill my heart with with joy and peace and grace to keep going. YOU are a faithful GOD  who, despite knowing me fully, still stands confidently by my side.


  1. this excites me so much! rico and i were just talking about how your prison is the exact place God will use to set you free. thrilled for this revelation in you!

  2. you're amazing! I just want you to know that.

  3. I shouldn't read this with my pregnancy hormones flowing, because tears are streaming down my face! dang.. Love you, Bre girl. you are a beautiful woman. Haven cant wait to meet you!