Friday, September 17, 2010

28 song life

Today has just been swell. I got the job at Nordstrom, which I applied for last week, and will start on Tuesday with my training....well, I would have started Tuesday had I not booked  a photoshoot. :) Oh life. The shoot will probably be nothing like the picture above but we can all keep our fingers crossed..
Oh.. I know what I really wanted to write about.
One of my favourite friends A. asked me a few weeks ago for the cd of my life. She didn't really put it like that but kinda. So today, I sat in front of my mac with my itunes opened and went through all the songs, putting together a compilation of a "few" songs that I would pick to sum up my life.
I cried.
I am so glad that I did that.
I learned so much about myself and my journey through that little project.
I tried not to use the same artist twice but Damien Rice and Laura Hackett got 2 songs on my disc.
I was able to sum up my life in a mere 28 songs. Other artists include: Kirk Franklin, Feist, Bach, Jason Upton and Black Eyed Peas. Songs include: Thunder Rolls, Single Again Remix and Everything is Everything. It has been a great day. I put the songs in order of my life events. What would the album of your life sound like?
T-minue one more day till my birthday week :)

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