Sunday, July 25, 2010

monkey ball soup

I was not promised that I would not have to go through the storms. I was promised that HE would never leave for nor forsake me. I feel as though the temperature of my story is changing. This morning, I read my journal entry from a year ago. It makes my heart smile that I am no longer in that season of life. It makes me thankful that I was allowed to go through that trying season. Makes me thankful that the LORD allowed all that happened and during all of it, was ever so present. There is now a burning in my heart, like the 100 degree Virginia heat, that is slowing pushing me in a different direction. I am going to have to make some big decisions here in the next few weeks and months. Don't get me wrong, decision making is kinda my thing see previous blog post titled Vase of Tulips but these decisions are kinda huge. Not like Chipotle or GrandThai, dress or jeans, eggs or bagel. I am going to get my change of scenery that I want one way or another. I wonder what coffee shop I will be blogging at in a few months? I will not be cooking in this kitchen that I have cooked in for 4 years. I will not have my nice walk in closet. I will not have my wonderful neighbors from Nepal. why am i crying?!  

Okay. I needed a break. I laid out in the sun for like 30 minutes. Yes. I like to tan too. Leave me alone. 
This has really been a great chapter for me in my story. It has not been easy at all, but being aware of my life and my journey as a story has transformed my perspective. 
It is all about your perspective.
Change your mind set. 

I will gladly embrase the next chapters. They will not look like this one. They are not suppose to. Now I need a strong drink. Iced coffee. yes please. 

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  1. this is lovely and authentic and vulnerable. thank you for that. you are a true jewel, and i love how you are trusting God with the innermost parts of who you are and letting Him steer.

    p.s.-at the end, i thought the "strong drink" part was going to be in regards to liquor. ha. sorry to have assumed--iced coffee is the best choice you could've gone with, actually.