Monday, July 5, 2010

Coffee talk

I am sitting in a coffee shop in Raytown, Missouri. The name of it is Benetti's. There are 6 other people in here besides myself. 
1&2. What seems to be a couple each reading their own books, one drinking an orange pop in a bottle and the girl with a small cup of coffee. 
3. A guy next to me who is also reading a book. A HUGE book. He has a mug of coffee. I bet it is drip coffee. He has the old Nokia phone in a holder on his belt. awesome. 
4. Some guy who is drinking water and wearing a striped polo with gym shorts that are as long as pants.
5. I can't see him. He has an Hp and is wearing tennis shoes. That is all I can see. 
(Everyone is wearing tennis shoes in here)
6. The guy that works here. I think he just got off. He is sipping a mug of something wonderful. He has a nice beard and 3 earrings. I keep looking over in that direction to see what he is doing and each time he looks up. Awkward. I think he has in earphones. I don't know what he is doing. I think he is playing a game on his iphone or something. Probably sudoku. (I love sudoku) No wait.....It was his iPod. He was changing songs. He is wearing brown pants and some old school adidas. He was just taking a break. Back to work. 

These are the people that come to this coffee shop. They do not come to my coffee shop. They all have a story. I want to know their story. 

I have spent a week here now in Kansas City. I have done SO much this week:
-photoshoot with the AMAZING T.F.
-Skies restaurant with my dear L. and her family
-St.Louis with my brothers
-City Museum
-Budweiser factory
-The most amazing wedding that I have ever been to
-The Peanut and Bait Shop with L. and her man and his friend (SO FUN!)
-The Foundary in Westport with old and new friends and laughing so hard (I really want to visit Oregon now. Not so much Bartlesville...sorry) (OH..and let us not forget the cut-off shirt guy with the terrible half sleeve)
-Taking pictures of strangers in Westport
-Saw an old boyfriend
-Picked blueberries with my mom, grandma and Bailey
-Green Street was a bootleg copy...didn't work...The awkwardness....junk?
-Saw an old classmate G. (told you I would blog about you)
-Met some great people at the Welch wedding!!!
-The Redeemer church 
-Broadway cafe (twice)
-Got some great vintage stuff
-Saw baby J. and my cousins
-Got a new old clutch you get that a lot happened in just a short time. I fell in love with this city. I can't wait to come back. I feel like I am suppose to be in DC at this part of my story though. KC may try to lure me in but I am not easily swayed by the constant temptation of great coffee shops, authentic churches, beautifully tatted people, vintage stores, old homes, low cost of living, amazing people and a slower pace of life. 
I do love this place. 

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