Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Our Restaurant

So my friend G. and I were talking about the restaurant we would open. It would maybe look kinda like this: 
Maybe not. But I like how the bar stools are not all matching. Our dishes would be like this:
just a mix and match. Yeah. nothing would be the same. All plates different, all cups different. We would go out and pick all of the plates we loved. All the cups we loved. All the forks and knives and spoons that we loved and of course the mugs would be.....AMAZING.
I would want this on the wall:

And lots of art. We would want an old cool building.... We would have a small menu and local, organically grown food. The beer would be amazing. and the coffee beans perfect. I would make pizza and we would have a garden on the roof or out back. We would make our own olive oil...:) im pushing it. It would be a place of coffee and food and community and quality. Yeah. Here...Guess I will add it onto my master 'To Do" list.
-Go to Greece
-Summer in Southeast Asia
-write a book
-get certified in yoga
-plant a garden
-spend a long time in Hawaii
-use the public bus
-taste moonshine
-visit the South
-have a baby
-get a wax. ouch
-get a tattoo
-get another tattoo
-and another one
-open a restaurant

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  1. I think you should put "be a modern dancer" on your to do list. You could do it!