Monday, May 3, 2010

My vows to May:

Dearest May-
I first want to let you know that my excitement for you has nothing to do with, well, you at all. To be honest, you are not a favorite of the months because I know that what follows you are three of my other least favorite months. I know, however, that in order to get to the goal of cool, crisp evenings on the porch with a jacket and a cup of coffee, I must endure you.
 I am not a fan of your mugginess, your bugs or your fashions. I am just letting you know my heart. I want to be real with you and these are the things that my heart has been feeling for quite some time now. I will try my hardest not to complain and to accept you for who you are. You are a season that I dread but at the same time, you represent a season of sowing so that the reaping MAY come. Just so you don't get too insecure I wanted to let you know that there are a few things that I am looking forward to in you. I, hopefully, will complete my first year of Dental Hygiene with you present. I will get a week of in which I have many adventures planned. I will also get to start my second year of Dental Hygiene school in which I am very much looking forward to. I will get to pick some things from my wonderful little garden, I will get to continue to live in the peace that is my home with Bailey. I will get to crank the air condition, drink iced tea and eat a lot more ice cream. I will get to know my friends more, drink more water and put on a swimsuit. Before this is done. I really wanted to make some vows to you this year.
-have more fun with you
-dress more fashion forward
-eat more ice cream
-go to bed earlier
- read the WORD more
-blog more
-call my brothers more
-speak less
-dream more
-eat more ice cream 

These are my vows to you dear May. 
Love, bre    

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