Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Longings of my little heart...

I long to have a home.
A yard. A house that looks like something right out of an Anthropologie catalogue.
I long to have friends over all the time for dinner. I long to have a sweet kitchen and I long to cook fresh organic food everyday. 
A garden.
A clothes line. 
I long to be in love. I long to be loved, desired, cherished, adored, thought of. 
I long to be around creative and fabulous people who draw something out of me. Something that is deep and real and honest and organic and contagious. 
I long to understand my heart and how the Lord feels about me. 
I long to raise a responsible child who is confident and fears the Lord
I long to be done with school. I mean d.o.n.e.
I long to go on adventures. Travel. Asia. Backpack. Europe. Hike. Skydive. Surprises. Shows. Road trips.
I long to never be offended by people.
To forgive.
Joke less.
Smile more.
I long to get 9 hours of sleep each nite. 
I long to have a dog. A bike and a 27' Mac. 
I long for my heart to be completely free.
Completely whole and completely God's to give away.
I long for Chipotle and a frosty Coke and ice cream.
I long for order and peace and a clean home. A place for everything and for someone to have my back on this HUGE issue and understand what this does for my soul. 
I long for my life to be a piece of artwork. Something that people will want to come and observe and study and ask questions and tear up and say, "WOW. That is beautiful. What an AMAZING artist."

p.s I cried when I saw my first Rothko. unbelievable. 

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  1. oh, girl. YES, PLEASE!! Wishing for all these things for you!