Saturday, April 24, 2010


So many of you have been so kind and have asked me what I need during this beautiful mess that is my life right now. Here is the list:

I need my friends and family, I need accountability, I need to have fun, I need a nap and a haircut and to get my eyebrows done sometimes. I need a job, money,  a place to live and someone to watch Bailey on a Friday nite. I need to learn how to be a better cook and I need to read a book that will mess me up.  I need compliments and encouragement and a new dress. I need 2 new tires on my car, a day at the beach and a lb of coffee (whole bean, med. roast). I need a car wash, a lawyer and a good beer. I need to be heard and I need to listen. I need gerber daisy's and a message letting me know that you are praying. 

This is my new attempt at making my request known. I am realizing that the people in my life are not mind readers. Thank you. 


  1. if you want a really good beer you should try chimay there is a red, blue and cream colored bottle. blue is the best though. also blvd has a new beer called tank 7 try it. it will help make the day better. hahaha

  2. OH my goodness Bre. I love this post. I need to do this too. It is so hard to be vulnerable and allow others to love me.
    I just have to say that if you want to move to tennessee, my sister in law knows how to do some brows (she has some real beauties) and I know how to cook and watch kids :).

    So, I just wish I could hang out, but your blog will do for now. Peace to you!--Alice (your facebook stalker)