Monday, August 1, 2011

It's a wonderful life.

Where do I begin...
Read this first: One year ago
Life is unreal. 
 Like, I honestly don't believe what is happening. 
If you know anything about me, then it is either that I hate kites or that I talk about life in terms of story. 
A few years ago, I handed over the pen, that I was using to write my own story, to the LORD. 
Since that moment, life has never been the same. 
Life got really "terrible" for a few years. I put terrible in quotes because what seemed to be terrible was actually the greatest thing that ever happened to my story. 
Failing out of school and getting divorce was not fun by any means but it was exactly what my character needed to go through in order to get where I am today. 
I thanked the Lord then, knowing that the storm would pass. 
And it has.

My life looks nothing like anything I could have written. 
It is a thousand times better and a million times harder. 
It is too WONDERFUL for me. 

I am entering into a new story with new characters & new adventures. 
I am overwhelmed with JOY.
I beg you, if you trying to write your own story, to hand over the pen to the Author who wrote the world and everything in it. 
Become a character in HIS story.
Endure the hard times.
Have crazy stupid faith that HE knows what HE is doing. 
Then, get lost in an epic story.

What kind of story are you living?

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