Sunday, January 9, 2011

Coffee talk

Backlit. The sun is quite bright. 
I am here at the old coffee shop in Arlington. I don't think I have been here on a Sunday morning. It is quite different. There is a perfect combination of heathens and church goers. The lady standing in line next to my table just picked her wedgie..over her coat. It was all a bit awkward. She is wearing a knee-length black coat, blue sweat pants (they have a sticker on them. The symbol looks like the Ferragamo symbol..or, if you are in college, it is kinda like the symbol for Omega). She is also wearing brown loafers, no socks and her hair is slightly unbelievably out of place A MESS. I am guessing she had a semi-late night and will not be at the first service of church.  I have seen 2 bellies already. Did I mention that it is 26 degrees... 

I miss this place. Half of the barista's are new. I said hi to R. when I got here. Glad he is here. I have seen one of those fuzzy head halo headband things that I am not a fan of can't stand:

*Note: if a supermodel looks bad in it.....then it is probably not the best choice.

I see one home-made grey cropped short sleeve sweater thing with a hood. I don't understand it either. Oh! I just saw furry headband thing #2 in black. 

I am going to order the quiche. Ham & cheese. That is what R. says to get. I miss this place. It no longer feels like home but it feels more like a fun little vacation spot. 

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