Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Bikram yoga dress code: wear as little as you want.

In a recent conversation,  a girl R. and I were talking about our dreams. I was telling her what my dream life looks like: running my home, taking care of my husband and my children, cooking everyday, modeling, doing my business, etc.  The man that was standing near us looks at me with crazy eyes and say, "That is not a dream. That's a JOB!" I said back to him, "Well, its MY dream!". And it is.

In other recent news, I should be getting a fancy phone soon, I think I am getting a cold again, a grilled cheese should always consists of fresh bread, muenster, rosemary, evoo and fresh cracked pepper, R. from Northside Social is doing cooking classes!!, I found a Bikram studio near my job and I will be going in the next week or so, Nordstrom's espresso roast coffee is actually good and I got 7 magazines in the mail yesterday. :)

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