Monday, December 27, 2010

There is a power in poverty that breaks principalities

And the plot thickens...
I am pregnant with twins. Just kidding. I am desperately grasping to the promises that God has given me. That is all I have right now. I don't have any answer but what is in Isaiah 54 and I am meditating day and night on these:
"'See, I made the blacksmith. He fans the fire to make it hotter, and he makes the kind of tool he wants. In the same way I have made the destroyer to destroy. So no weapon that is used against you will defeat you. You will show that those who speak against you are wrong. These are the good things my servants receive. Their victory come from ME,' says the LORD"vs 16/17

It is getting hot. Much hotter. 

Also, hear what is in James: 
"Brothers and sisters, follow the example of the prophets who spoke for the LORD. They suffered many hard things, but they were patient. We say they are happy because they did not give up. You have heard about Job's patience, and you know the LORD's purpose for him in the end. you know the LORD is full of mercy and is kind" vs10/11
I must remember my purpose in all of this. It is about the story. About the kingdom. I hope a vacation is written in the story somewhere soon...

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