Saturday, November 13, 2010

i love koreans. i might work at the cleaners.

Winter is coming. Autumn once again flew by quickly and I am reminded of last winter. I used to enjoy the winter but now I think, more than ever, that I am ready for the spring and all that means for my story. I am ready for new life and new people and new places and new adventures. I am ready to be outside taking in the fresh air that is surrounding me. I am ready for flowers and smoothies and driving with the windows down. It is so unlike me to want to rush this time of the year, as it has been my favorite, but with all that is going on I am ready for it to be over before it has begun. But I am reminded that I must go through the winter to get to the spring. Spring can't come without the winter. The sweet isn't as sweet without the bitter. And with that, I walk out another page. 

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