Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fun facts or stupid facts or just poppycock.

1. You would never catch me sitting on a rooftop like that. I am deathly afraid of heights. Wait...I am also a liar. I have kinda sat like this (but not THAT close to the edge) with a fun friend in Kansas City. I don't recommend it.

2. There is a mini crunch bar in my bed at the moment. I found it this morning. I don't know why it is there. It is under the sheets. The interesting part of all of this little crunch bar story is that I didn't move it. I left it there. What does that say about me?

3. I make a huge breakfast every morning: potatoes, onions, 3 eggs, cilantro or basil, sea salt, fresh ground pepper, jalepenos.

4. I have a brown corduroy duvet cover on my bed now. Its my "winter" duvet. I think duvets should be changed with the seasons.

5. last movie I saw in theaters was "Eat, Pray and Love". That takes away from my street cred I know.

6. I have never been to the West Coast or Europe and am dying to go to both.

7. I own 5 pair of tweezers.

8. I cannot stand the orange Dial soap. It is just stupid.

9. I think sharing a spoon with someone is so gross and unhygienic. It doesn't matter if you are kissing that person. Wait. Let me rephrase that. It has nothing to do with you. It doesn't matter if I am kissing or have had kissed that person. I will not. I repeat. WILL NOT. Share a spoon. That is just vial. Forks are welcome and so is a straw but a spoon. YUCK!

10. I am a shape snob. Circles are chubby, triangles and going in too many directions, rhomboids...whatever. Squares are where its at.

11. Places you won't ever find me: Walmart, Kohls, Abercrombie, Chick-fil-a just twice but I don't like I guess I should take it off the list. Nope. Keepin it, Charlotte Roose that place is so bad it doesn't deserve the proper spelling , Subway, Vera Bradley don't get me started,  GameStop and Petco.

12. I eat ice cream every day.

13. I don't think 30 Rock is that funny.


  1. 1.if you're a liar, how can we take anything after #1 serious?
    2. must have gotten drunk on halloween and didn't remember late-night trick-or-treating.
    3. sounds delish (i hate when people use half of a word)
    4. you should watch the Funny or Die Network. stinkin least youtube "playground politics"
    5. west coast gets my vote...europe has stinky people.
    6. whoops...skipped one. um...5.street cred? ha!
    7. it takes an army to handle that beast of a unibrow
    8. reminds me of G&B
    9. Fact:you can only taste food when it's first combined w/ saliva. therefore, a variety and surplus of saliva = more flavor! bon apetite
    10. a rhomboid is pretty much a square that got smacked. plus, it's illegal to end a sentence w/ a preposition...unless you put it after
    11. get me some waffle fries! the chicken is overrated.
    12. i haven't had ice cream in almost 2 months. no reason
    13. cracks me up. tracy morgan is a riot

    love you!

  2. Haha I own orange Dial soap right now, and even I agree that it's stupid! Nailed it.