Thursday, July 22, 2010

coffee talk

Ahhh. my coffee shop. I am glad that the people here now know my drink. I got my iced coffee in a pint glass today. I think its gonna be my new thing. The cup melts when they put in the hot coffee to melt my sugar. I kinda like the pint glass thing.
I am sitting upstairs but I rather be down stairs. There are a ton of interesting looking people down there that I would love to watch but it is kinda packed. Maybe I will go down anyways and sit on the couch. I would have to sit close to someone though and they would be able to see that I am bloggin. maybe I will ask them their story. going down stairs now.........brb.
So glad I did this. I am in the middle of it all now. I blogged a few coffee talks ago about some photographer looking guy. He is here. Right in front of me. Its great. I can almost smell his hair because he is so close. He has some streaks of grey. It is perfect. Looks like he just came from the gym...or is going. I bet he does yoga. Yeah. I would really want to sit outside but it is blazin out there.
Was my last post a bit confusing? Someone told me they didn't get it. I told them that there was nothing really to get. It is just a new chapter.
In the book I am reading, the book about life as a story, they talk about how the character needs to want something. I thought for a minute about my life and how I need to want something. It is not specific. I don't know what I want. I don't know if it means that there is some sort of job that I need to want or a place that I need to want or what. There is just something that I am going to need to want to keep my story going.
In just walked a guy that was here last week. He was reading a book on Nazi life and it was like sci-fi and the people entering an alternate universe. How do i know that??? I heard him explain it to someone else. He rides a bike and smokes American Spirits. He is balding on top and has a cross tattoo on right tricep. He wears cool shorts and dingy shoes.
DANG IT!! I just looked at the time. I am suppose to be at work in 2 minutes. It makes me want to quit and blog full time. So this guy who I pegged as a photographer really is one. I can see his computer. He is in some sort of photographer program. I am good. He is skinnier than I thought.
As I walked in, some guy on a bike said he liked my flower. I like it too. He is sitting with the photographer. He has a smashed ring finger and a camo back pak. He is wearing jeans that are rolled up to his calves and some hiking sandals. Black shirt. Hole in the right back pocket of his pants. brown wallet. slight beard.
Okay. I don't feel like much got accomplished.
Holy crap. The photographer guy just turned around and asked me about my job. I have been his waitress before. HAHAHAHHA.
He doesn't know that I am blogging about him right now. His name is Sam. isn't that great. Oh well, off to work.

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  1. I love this!!!!!! You are so perceptive. I love it!!!