Friday, June 25, 2010

Coffee talk

I love Friday.
I get to enter into a city that I love to see new people that I know nothing about. Here I can be whoever I want to be.
Today, I had to go into Georgetown to say hi the the best hairstylist I know and do some business. I love Georgetown. I love the tourists. I really love how you can spot a tourist from a mile away. They can be seen wearing their oversized shirt with there state plastered boldly on the front or, if they are in a place like G-town or Tysons, they will be so underdressed that it almost makes you uncomfortable and embarrassed.  Also, this place of Nova/DC is overall in pretty good shape I would say. I know that Kansas City, where I was born and raised, is ranked #2 among the fattest cities. You can definitely see a difference. I am not saying all people out here are thin but overall, it is a pretty lean place.
I listened to my all time favorite sermon today in the car. It was the first time I went to my church, Grace Cov., which was New Years. The sermon is titled,'The God of Hope'. I weep every time I heard it. I am pretty sure you can go to and listen to it (it is the one that is on the first Sunday after the  New Year). It is a powerful sermon.
I feel the Lord doing a new work in my heart. I feel like things/dreams/desires are being awakened in my heart.
It feel good.
I feel creative and alive and free and so full of joy.
My heart is glad and my soul is thriving.
I have hope in the promises of God.
I am standing on a rock that is not moving.
I have JOY that is unalterable.
I am walking out, daily, a story which is fully mine. A story that I have sowed into for many years tears of sorrow and doubt and fear and hope and faith and am slowly beginning to reap the harvest that my soul has waited and watched grow.

ps. I just saw a guy that was wearing khaki's that were a bit short and some loafers without socks at my coffee shop!!! YES!! Such a great look.

I have a confident hope in the promises that the Lord has given to me. My soul is growing up. My palate is being refined. I love this life.

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  1. I love that I was getting hype near the last paragraph and then you snuck in a fashion commentary! Totally took me out of my spiritual senses for a moment, but you resumed and i felt inspired all over again. haha :)