Friday, June 11, 2010

Coffee shop

I love my coffee shop in Arlington. 

I love it. 
I get an amazing cup of Joe and so much great people watching. I love this crowd. 
I love that everyone has a story.
I would love to know some of the stories that are in here. 
I love the "artist looking" guy in the corner with his macbook pro and frizzy hair and mustache and whole foods bag. 
I love the girl at the bar with her ipod and white heels and bad highlights and designer bag. 
I love the asian lady in to the left sipping her no fat latte in a mug and bright pink skirt and bangs.
I love the black girl in the corner with her hp getting work done.
I love people. 
I love the 2 couples.
Are they dating? Co-workers? Friends?
I love that every time I come here there are new people. I do see some of the same people like that exotic looking woman who wears all black and has questionably big lips. 
And the guy who is definitely in the art world somehow who has his mac and crazy grey hair and little cute blue glasses.
These people make my day. They don't know it. 
They don't know that I am sitting here checking them out, writing about them. 
Oh, I forgot about the guy at the bar in the flip flops and fitted jeans and blue t-shirt working so diligently on his mac. 
I can't see his face and it makes me really want to get up.....wait...he just looked back here :) He is definitely from some place like Greece or Lebanon. 
Someplace cool like that. He is checking his Gmail. Has WAY to much in his inbox.
Thank you NorthSide Social for spending an hour with me before work. 

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  1. you make me laugh more than anyone! love you breeders :)