Friday, May 21, 2010

A Vase of Tulips

A dear friend A. recommend this fabulous book called Vessels & Flowers by Sally Pickard and Brenda Dulmage. I am so glad that I ordered it. It is a book about personality types as a Christian woman. It is a GREAT book. It place us, as women, in  one of 5 vessels, which describe our temperament and one in seven flowers which describes our function. I went into this journey of the book hoping to be a basket but realized that I was a vase. A vase of tulips. Thank you Lord.
 Words describing the vase: takes charge, determined, enterprising, firm, bold, decisive, logical, impatient, strong-willed, demanding, arrogant, calculating, powerful and insensitive.
I was laughing out loud when reading the chapter because it was right on. I have accepted my vessel. It then goes on to talk about each vessel as  a: mother, wife, young adult, child and the challenges of each as well as the strengths.
-her control and strength gives others confidence in her, a confidence that she knows what she is doing
-she expects others to reach her standards
-if you seek advice from a Vase she will tell you exactly what she thinks (hehe)
-good decision maker
-very productive
-if she feels a responsibility toward you, she will protect you to the end
-her forceful movement toward her goal means those who get in her way get "steam-rolled" (sorry. gotta getter done)
-knows where she is going and plans on paying the price to get there
-is well equipped to protect her husband and he can depend on her to "steam roll" others who try to undermine his authority
-is not afraid of pressure or confrontation

 It then gives each vessel a verse. My verse:
"She is clothed with strength and dignity. She can laugh at the days to come."-Proverbs 31:25

Then the goes into your function. They use a flower to describe this. There are seven flowers and I am a tulip. A tulip is a leader. It says that the tulip, "is usually the first flower to come up in the Spring and when she does, she seems to be saying, "come on ladies. Let's get going!""
I am a tulip.
More things about a tulip:
-it is hard for her not to take control
-she likes to get up and get going early with a lot of enthusiasm
-enjoys making decisions, loves completing a task,
-doesn't do well when a project gets all bogged down with disorganization or people problems
-takes responsibility and organizes what her husband puts in her charge
-if her husband takes charge she will follow him, but if he doesn't, she is compelled to take over
-as a mother, she has a vision for her family and her children
-she builds her children's character as she leads toward her vision
"You can tell the Tulip is a Leader when people naturally follow her"

I have learned so much about myself these 2 days while reading this book. I have learned the freedom in walking in who God has made me and how to bring my personality under the Lordship of Jesus. I have also learned to allow others to be who God has made them and how together we can make a beautiful bouquet. I recommend it to you. You better get it. wait a minute here...i am learning NOT to steam roll you into doing things...  Feel free to order the book if your heart so choses. :)


  1. YAY! Wonderful!
    It was funny, my friend Natalie is a vase and a tulip and she was laughing at the part where the book says "she seems soooo laid back, but it's because she has such control over herself." You seem sooo laid back too. :) Well, enthusiastic about life, but carefree. I love it! I love knowing this about you!

  2. I love it!! Thanks Alice for the book suggestion. There needs to be a guy version or like a book that says what type of man should pick the different types of flowers :)

  3. Agreed! But I don't think guys would like a book like this as much...maybe I'm wrong.